Early cavity detection at Jarvis Family Dental

What is early cavity detection and is it needed?

Early cavity detection is a dental service that allows dentists, dental assistants and hygienists to detect any structural changes and decay in your teeth that would be difficult to find otherwise. They allow for the premature discovery of potential or existing cavities.

How does early cavity detection work?

The experienced team at Jarvis Family Dental uses lasers to scan the teeth for signs of decay. If the teeth are fine and show no signs of cavity detection, they will reflect light and emit minimal fluorescence, and you’ll be given a clean bill of oral health.

However, if cavities or decay are present, our lasers will show higher levels of fluorescence, leading to recommendations for treatment and future prevention. The treatment has a 90% accuracy rate, making it a trustworthy method of picking up on these problems.

Our team will also ensure that a physical and visual inspection is conducted, and will ask about your oral health history to determine the level of progress and prevention that has been made since your last check-up.

If cavities are found, treatment will depend on severity, but fillings and other courses of action will be considered.

Why is early cavity detection important?

Cavities are not always easy to see on their own, as they are often found on the backs of teeth and molars, which makes it extremely important to take proactive and preventative measures in their detection and treatment.

This is especially important when you consider that plaque and acid from food, particularly sugary foods and drinks, are usually left for too long and too often, leading to a buildup of these issues.

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The Jarvis Family Dental team offers a wealth of experience, as well as gentle compassion and a commitment to your oral health. If you’re in the Jarvis area and would like to schedule an appointment for early cavity detection, call us at 519 587 3368 to speak with a member of our team and learn more.

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