Tooth extraction procedures in Haldimand County

Is a tooth extraction needed?

During your visit to our dental office, our dentist may determine that you require a tooth to be removed for any number of reasons. This may be due to severe decay, periodontal disease or because of the tooth being severely chipped or broken.

Another reason for a tooth extraction would be if we have determined that the tooth is poorly positioned in your mouth, which can cause further issues down the road.

What are the benefits of extracting a tooth?

If you do not extract a tooth that is in need of being extracted, there can be long-term impacts and problems related to your teeth, jaw, chewing motion and speech, which can leave an impact on your overall oral health.

With a tooth extraction at our Jarvis dental office, it allows you to avoid the complications and improves your overall dental health. Our dentist will discuss with you the process involved and next steps as needed, prior to extracting a tooth.

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