Braces and Orthodontic Solutions in Jarvis

What are Braces?

Braces are dental devices that are used to address and correct a wide range of orthodontic issues impacting the growth of teeth, such as different types of bite (overbite, underbite) or gaps in the teeth, and to improve overall oral health. Learn more about our Invisalign and Six Months Smiles treatment programs.

When Do Patients Need Braces?

Braces are very common, and there are a wide range of reasons that a patient may require their use, such as:

  • Underbite: lower jaw extends in front of upper jaw
  • Overbite: Upper teeth cover lower teeth
  • Class II Bite: Upper/lower jaw/both overgrown
  • Open Bite: Upper and lower front teeth do not overlap
  • Crossbite: Upper and lower teeth too wide/too narrow
  • Spacing: Issues with spacing of the teeth (i.e., if teeth are missing or too small)
  • Crowding: Not enough room for teeth to erupt from gum
  • Impacted teeth: Permanent teeth that cannot grow into their normal position

The decision to apply braces will ultimately rest with your dental professional, who will perform an inspection of the teeth to determine whether or not they are necessary. If they are, an appointment will be made to take x-rays, molds and impressions, as well as the proper next steps.

Although braces are typically most necessary for patients in adolescence, teens or early years of young adulthood, they may be required at any age, depending on the issue and its severity.

While many patients fear the stigma of wearing braces due to their easy visibility on the teeth, products such as Invisalign offer braces that are clear and very difficult to see.

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